Buying and Selling the Best Antique Clothing, Antique Dresses, Antique Wedding Dresses, Antique Undergarments, Victorian Clothing and Antique Corsets

Shop our extensive collection of high quality antique clothing including antique dresses, antique gowns, antique wedding dresses, antique corsets as well as antique accessories 18th century shoes and 19th century shoes.  A large number of our acquisitions have been deaccessioned from important American museums and historical societies such as The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation,  The National Heritage Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Our antique costumes and textiles have sold to national and international museums, historical societies and private collectors. 
Satisfaction Guarantee:  Customer Satisfaction is a top priority at Sarah Elizabeth Gallery we want you to be one hundred percent satisfied with your purchase.  We guarantee the authenticity of all antique clothing for sale.  From an antique dress, Regency gown, Vicotrian gown such as a Civil War era dress, bustle dress, or antique wedding dress to a historical military uniform each one of our items is authentic and original to the appropriate time period.  We do not buy or sell reproductions.

Selection:  We are continuously increasing our inventory and have hundreds of articles of antique clothing in stock.  We offer a large selection of antique clothing including: antique wedding gowns, antique dresses, antique gowns, Victorian dresses, Victorian gowns, antique childrens clothing and antique military uniforms.  We also offer antique fashion accessories, antique shoes and antique purses, antique undergarments,civil war uniforms, antique whites, edwardan whites, antique corsets, original Victorian corsets and original Civil War era corsets.